A significant focus of our practice is adoptions and helping to create forever families for our clients.  We have handled hundreds of adoptions for our families.  Our experienced team represents expectant mothers as they navigate the adoption process and we represent adoptive parents, including step-parents, in finalizing their adoptions.  Our office also assists clients in finalizing adult adoptions, as permitted under Arizona law.  We work to ensure that our clients finalize their adoptions efficiently and that they receive all required vital records associated with their adoptions.  Please refer to the information below for more information specific to your situation.

Expectant Mothers:

We assist expectant mothers in evaluating whether adoption is a desired course of action.  We can connect you with vital supports and resources to help make the right decision for your baby based on your unique circumstances.  These resources include identifying an adoptive family, connecting with housing and living expenses assistance, and in navigating delicate situations involving the Department of Child Safety.

The Adoption Process:

We ensure that you are supported throughout the adoption process, whether you are an expectant mother or adoptive parent.  Once you initiate the adoption process, we walk you through the adoption certification process, and whether an exception applies to your situation.  We support you through the home study process, federal and state criminal background checks, and ensuring that your application is properly presented to the court for approval.

Whether you are interested in an open or closed adoption, an adoption across state lines (involving the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children, or ICPC), or your adoption presents various complexities involving a birth father’s rights, we provide you with the necessary support and advice to finalize your adoption with the confidence that you are protected in the adoption process.

Types of Adoptions:

Arizona law requires different procedures to finalize your adoption that are dependent upon your unique circumstances.

Our office regularly represents adoptive parents finalizing adoptions involving children in the foster care system and involved with the Department of Child Safety.  It is an honor to assist adoptive parents—whether relatives of children, foster parents, or others—in providing permanency for children in foster care.  In such cases, we ensure that the adoptive parents’ respective rights are protected, that our clients understand the adoption subsidies and tax benefits available, that the adoption matter proceeds efficiently through the court process, that new vital records (birth certificates and Social Security cards) are obtained, and that all questions are thoroughly answered.

Our team also represents relatives and step-parents in their respective pursuits of adoption of children in their families.  Arizona law provides a streamlined process for relatives with a close biological relationship with a child, including grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, great-aunts, great-uncles, cousins, or adult siblings.  We assist relatives and step-parents seeking adoption in understanding the background check/home study requirements, issues impacting existing parental rights and paternity, and the court process required to finalize the adoption.

In Arizona, two types of private adoption are permitted: agency placement adoptions and direct placement adoptions.

In an agency adoption, an expectant mother works with an adoption agency to coordinate matches with adoptive parents.  The expectant mother requires legal counsel to navigate relinquishment of parental rights and consent to the adoption.  Prospective adoptive parents require legal counsel for representation during the adoption finalization and associated court process.  Our experienced team will ensure that your rights are protected and will advocate for your interests whether you are an expectant mother or an adoptive parent.

In a direct placement adoption, an expectant mother works with a private attorney and a specific adoptive parent will work with another private attorney in an effort to proceed through the adoption finalization process.  Our office is experienced in representing clients in either situation.  We assist clients in properly addressing paternity issues, connecting clients with resources and supports, and efficiently moving through the adoption process.

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