We have extensive experience in representing clients in juvenile court matters.  Our team regularly represents mothers, fathers, grandparents, relatives, children, and private petitioners in dependency, guardianships (permanent guardianships through juvenile court and revocable guardianships through probate court), termination of parental rights (severance), and adoption matters.

Our firm has built a strong reputation for efficiently and effectively navigating the juvenile court legal process for our clients in establishing permanency for children.

Our team can assist you with the following issues in juvenile law:

Juvenile Dependency:

If you find yourself caring for a child whose parents are unable or unwilling to safely meet the child’s needs, you may consider pursuing a private dependency in juvenile court.  Our office frequently represents relatives and family friends in pursuing temporary orders through the juvenile court in order to protect children in their care.  Many factors are at play when a private dependency is considered.  It is important for you to obtain advice from reputable legal counsel to determine the best path forward.  Please contact our office for more information should you find yourself in this situation.

Termination of Parental Rights:

In order for a step-parent to adopt his or her step-child, the parental rights of the biological parent to whom the step-parent is not married must be terminated.  Grandparents or other relatives also commonly contact our office wanting to initiate termination proceedings so that they can adopt a child in their respective family.  Our attorneys are skilled at determining the optimal course for achieving a termination of parental rights in such circumstances—whether by petition with the court or by a relinquishment and consent to the adoption.  We also assist in terminating parental rights for infants in private placement adoptions when the adoptive placements reside outside of Arizona.

Our attorneys are among the most experienced attorneys in Southern Arizona regarding termination of parental rights (also known as severance) matters.  Our team will ensure that termination is pursued efficiently and effectively based on your unique circumstances.  Our attorneys understand the evidentiary requirements of the court, and what a trial judge may need in order to find in her or his discretion that termination serves a child’s best interest.  Termination or severance cases are challenging and you will benefit from having a proficient attorney assisting you to navigate the legal process.


Two guardianships are available in Arizona for youth: a revocable guardianship through the probate division of Arizona Superior Court, and a permanent guardianship through the juvenile division of Arizona Superior Court.  Our office has extensive experience in obtaining guardianships in either scenario.

A revocable guardianship (also known as a Title 14 guardianship), requires that legal notice of such a proceeding be provided to any legal parent of a child.  If a parent responds to the notice, the parent must consent to the guardianship in order for the Court to enter the guardianship order.  You may obtain a revocable guardianship that lasts until the minor reaches the age of majority (eighteen), a temporary period of time less than six months in duration, and on an emergency basis.  A legal parent has the ability to revoke this guardianship by filing a request with the Court.  This guardianship enables a guardian to obtain medical care for a child, receive public benefits, and enroll a child in school.

A permanent guardianship (also known as a Title 8 guardianship), does not require a legal parent’s consent.  A permanent guardianship is a permanency option that results from the dependency process.  A legal parent maintains the ability to later petition the Court to terminate the guardianship—but a permanent guardianship is intended to be permanent.

Please contact our office if you would like additional information regarding guardianships of minor children.

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